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About Jenny Kåberg


After a degree in Silversmithing and Metalwork at London's prestigious Camberwell College of Arts, Jenny moved back to Sweden to start up her very own workshop. On the peninsula of Bjäre, under the ever changing skies and next to the sea, unique creations are exclusively handmade with the luxurious feel that only handcrafted pieces pocess.

You are hereby invited to have a connection to how things were made, who made it and what materials were used. Welcome to Jenny's world.

Our Story


The craft of silversmithing is a huge inspiration, where old techniques are forged with new designs creating those one-of-a-kind pieces that don't follow any fashions or trends. Individuality and fearless approach is our name of the game.




Our Expertise


With great integrity and skills, we are in love with creating. Not only for our selves, but with our customers that want to use those old, but precious pieces, creating something new that lasts the test of time.




Our Commitment


We are committed to sustainably and ethically sourced materials. The silver we use are recycled from the industry, we are registered for buying Fair Trade gold, and work with AA Ethical gemstones for sourcing the finest gemstones and diamonds.
We beleive that this industry needs a change, and empowering those who are working hard to find the treasures of the earth in a sustainable way is a huge benefit for us all and our planet.
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